Berlin, 21 - 23.02.2020

art of love

level 1, tantra for individuals and couples

In this workshop, we learn how to release beliefs that do not serve us and reclaim our sovereignty by connecting to the strongest, creative energy that exists within us – the sexual energy which creates life and can manifest our deepest heart desires. This is an opportunity to experience the union between our three centres: body, emotions and mind.

By welcoming our shadows, we can take back the energy that is locked up in our fears and use it to deepen our inner and outer relationships. We will experience the differences between our masculine and feminine energies, learning how to unite them in sacred union within.
This inner marriage enables us to step out of codependent relationships with those we love and move into authentic, empowered, loving unions.

During humanity’s evolution, layers of shame, fear and guilt have accumulated around the use of our sexual energy. Many people’s life force remains blocked and depleted by unconscious thought patterns stemming from a deep separation between sexuality, love and presence – the split of spirit and matter.

Today’s society remains predominantly anti-pleasure and information on the beauty, power and wisdom of how to direct and share our sexual energy to manifest our dreams is not readily available. Addressing this wounding is vital to return to our natural state of being.

We invite you to a magical weekend of connection between sex and spirit where we walk the path of embodying presence through self-acceptance and self-love. During this process a realization will spring from within: sexuality and spirituality are one.

Here we choose to come back to our natural place beyond our conditioning. To find the patterns that don’t serves us and to let them go. To find the special connection with our body and learn from our body wisdom . To harness the strongest energy within us and manifest our core aspirations.
We will feel how it is to truly be with an open heart and we will get back the blocked energy beneath our fears.
This is an opportunity to experience a unique journey that combine knowledge from around the world into a special transformative weekend that will have a lasting impact on your relationship with everyone you care about and, primarily, with yourself .

I would love to enter the space of open heart with you.

Main topics:


This workshop is a first level of Art of Love School trainings, and gives a background for intensive 7-days trainings lead by Shachar Caspi.


Workshop may include nudity.
Workshop is lead in ENGLISH without translation.


21 – 23 Feb 2020
Friday 5pm – 10pm
Saturday 8am – 10pm
Sunday 8am – 4pm


Berlin, venue details soon


179 Euro – till 31th December,
230 Euro – from 1st January

Nonrefundable advance payment of 80 Euro is required on booking.
Price does not include food, accommodation or any other costs.


For two people coming – minus 12 Euro each


“The best way to predict Your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

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